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Customize Beautiful Flyers with Shefi
The easiest & fastest way to create a flyer online
Flyers have been considered a great way to reach potential customers and to get your message out there to the general public. But in order to work effectively, flyers need to be able to attract the right audience and catch their attention.
Create flyers like a pro!
Shefi has got a “Flyer Program” for you where you can select a flyer & customize it with your details for free and only pay when you want to Share, Download or Print them. Gone are the days of hiring a graphic designer to create something that looks really good. We've built a huge library of templates according to different seasons and occasions for you to utilize them and added plenty of designer fonts available just at a click of a button. All of this makes customization fun, simple & fast! Start from our templates that matches your business and you'll see how quickly and easily you can get an awesome flyer.
Use your flyer however you want!
Shefi is different than most online design providers - we don't force you to print with us. We give you complete freedom to use your flyer however you best see fit!
  • Print your flyer with us
  • Print with any other printer in the world
  • Save your flyer to PDF
  • Send your flyer to a friend via email
  • Post your flyer on Facebook
  • Tweet your flyer to the world
Our Templates

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